Personalized gifts and
employee presents

Personalized gifts and
corporate give aways

Made to measure - from fine leather

Whether it's a classic promotional item for valued business partners, a gift for dear customers or an incentive for deserving employees: with an individual embossing, every giveaway becomes even more valuable. Choose bags, sleeves or accessories from our range. If there is nothing suitable, we will manufacture precisely dimensioned products from high-quality, purely vegetable-tanned natural leather in small batches according to your specifications. The embossing provides the personal touch.

Leave a lasting impression

Our in-house product customization consists of eight characters in uppercase and lowercase, including punctuation, in the standard. We have chosen the classically elegant Latin Standard as the font. You can have your monogram shine in gold and silver. Or you can opt for pure nature, the blind embossing that heat leaves on the leather during the embossing process.

Solid old-school craftsmanship: the hot stamping process originated in book manufacturing and is used to inscribe leather covers. The embossing is assembled by hand from a set box of letters and fixed in place. It is then applied to the product using a stencil with our hot stamping machine.

Name or logo? - that is the question here

1. blind embossing

Sometimes less is simply more. The purist classic of finishing options is blind embossing. Here, only heat is used to emboss without an ink foil. Names are smoke and mirrors for you? No problem, we can also emboss your logo: For this purpose, we manufacture a special logo stamp made of brass. Thus, in addition to letters, more complex representations are also possible.

2. color foil stamping

In this variant of embossing, the letters used or the custom-made brass stamp are heated and pressed onto a colored foil. Due to the heat, the color dissolves from the foil and is thus transferred to the leather. Above all, the temperature, the embossing duration and the embossing pressure are decisive factors for an optimal result. The embossing effect is deeper and forms a beautiful relief - a perfect advertising medium.



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