FAQ - Your most frequently asked questions

Where do you get your wool felt from?
Our wool felt is produced mulesing-free* for us especially according to our quality standards and color specifications from the finest 100% Merino sheep wool to a particularly dense wool felt especially in Germany.
Where does your leather come from?
We only use pure vegetable tanned natural leather. We use different leathers depending on the product and requirements: 90% of our leather comes from a small family business in Italy, Tuscany. This company is a member and founding member of the "CONSORZIO VERA PELLE ITALIANA CONCIATA AL VEGETALE". This consortium has very high specifications in terms of environmental standards and tanning processes.
What does vegetable tanned leather mean?
Vegetable tanned leather or vegetable tanned leather is the name given to a tanning process (preserving the leather) using vegetable substances such as oak and spruce bark, acacia, chestnut but also olive leaves and e.g. rhubarb roots. Thus, in this process of "preservation", vegetable tanning substances are used. The active ingredients of this tanning are the tannins contained in the plants.
What is the difference between felt and wool felt?
Felt is generally understood to be many individual fibers that are intertwined with each other to form a fiber fabric. Mechanical processing (fulling) creates a strong bond. Felt is therefore a non-woven textile. A "felt" can also consist of pure synthetic fibers. Wool felt, on the other hand, is felt made from sheep's wool. The percentage indicates how much sheep wool is included. We only use pure wool felt (100% pure new wool from Merino sheep).
Where can I find the exact Macbook Pro and Macbook Air dimensions?
We are often asked for the exact MacBook Air dimensions and MacBook Pro dimensions. All necessary size information for our Hampshire cases can be found under "Measurements" on the product page. The MacBook Air dimensions can be found, just like the MacBook Pro dimensions, on the Apple website under "Technical Data". 
Do you also deliver to Packstations?
Yes, DHL delivers to Packstations.
Where can I enter my coupon code?
In the shopping cart in the quick view on the right, and again after add to cart --> edit shopping cart click