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Webcam cover made of leather

Leather Webcam Cover "Privacy Set"

πŸ›‘οΈ PRIVACY PROTECTION: Our leather webcam cover provides effective protection for your privacy using innovative suction cup technology, without leaving any adhesive residue.

πŸ”„ REUSABLE & DURABLE: No loss of adhesive power; remove and reuse without any residue.

🍏 IDEAL FOR APPLE DEVICES: Perfect for MacBooks with an ultra-thin design that does not hinder the laptop from closing.

πŸ’¦ EASY TO CLEAN: Simply clean the cover with a damp cloth to renew its adhesiveness.

Made from the finest leather and equipped with cutting-edge vacuum foil, our product avoids traditional adhesive for a clean, residue-free use. "I love the ease of use and the fact that it can be reused time and again," says a satisfied customer about the reusable design.
Compared to traditional plastic covers, our leather cover is ultra-thin and does not interfere with the closing of your MacBook lid. "Finally, a cover that doesn’t disturb my MacBook," reports another user.

Ideal for Apple users who value functionality and aesthetics: "It matches perfectly with my Apple accessories," rejoices an Apple fangirl. Our cover is versatile and easy to clean. "After cleaning, it's like new and sticks perfectly," explains an enthusiastic customer. This makes it the perfect choice for those looking for a discreet and effective camera cover solution. With our webcam cover from Pack & Smooch, you not only protect your privacy but do so with style and reliability.

Leather Key Pouch FESTMOKER

  • πŸ–€ ITALIAN LEATHER: Exquisite, vegetable-tanned leather from Italy in black, dark brown, and light brown.

  • πŸ”’ SOLID HARDWARE: High-quality, durable snap fasteners from Germany and a strong D-ring for key security.

  • πŸ•°οΈ BUILT TO LAST: Sturdy design that becomes even more beautiful over time with its patina.

  • 🌍 HANDMADE IN HAMBURG: Lovingly handcrafted in our workshop in Hamburg – genuine craftsmanship.

  • βš“ HANSEATIC DISCRETION: The Pack & Smooch logo discreetly adorns the back, a sign of Hanseatic restraint.

In careful handwork in our workshop, we create this frills-free companion from wonderfully soft Italian leather. It always offers your door openers a safe harbor. Instead of with sailor’s tales, the keys are securely tied to a sturdy ring. Matching the key moments of your life, the Festmoker is available in light and dark brown leather – Ahoy and a pinch of Hamburg!

Hampshire Case – Style Meets Function

πŸ“˜ Elegant Design – The Hampshire case is the centerpiece of our student set, combining aesthetics with functionality. Ideal for MacBook or iPad, it reflects the modern student lifestyle.

🌱 High-Quality Materials – Crafted from Merino wool felt and equipped with a leather applique as a handrail, it offers robust protection against bumps and scratches while elegantly enveloping your device.

πŸƒ Eco-Friendly – The use of natural, durable materials makes the Hampshire case an environmentally conscious choice for students.

πŸ’Ό Easy Handling – Its sleek profile allows for easy handling and transportation in any bag without extra weight.

πŸŽ“ Versatile – Perfect for daily use in academia, it combines protection and style, making it an essential accessory.

Optimize your gear with our student set, which includes the stylish Hampshire case, a practical key pouch, and a secure webcam cover. Your ideal companion for a successful academic journey – reliable, stylish, and always by your side.

Key case FESTMOKER made of leather
100% vegetable tanned leather from Tuscany with best patina guarantee Sturdy ring eyelet for up to six keys Ahoi, Hamburg: Discreet logo embossing on the back Quality push buttons from PRYM In caramel light brown and chocolaty dark brown Leather Key Case - Secure and Stylish. Ahoy key chaos, here comes the smoothest anchorage since there are key folders. With the Pack & Smooch Festmoker you have your personal, flat German "mooring rope" always on board your (Pants) Bag. The bells and whistles-free companion made of wonderfully soft Italian leather offers your door openers a safe harbour. The keys are moored on a sturdy ring instead of a sailor's thread. The Festmoker is available in light and dark brown to match the key moments of your life.
€34.00* €39.00*
MacBook Pro / MacBook Air sleeve HAMPSHIRE made of wool felt and leather
Perfect fit for MacBook Pro 16" / MacBook Pro 14" / MacBook Air 15" / MacBook Pro 13" / MacBook Air 13" / MacBook Pro 12" Tight fitting sleeve. Device only fits WITHOUT another protective sleeve High-quality meets heavy-duty: Handle made of natural leather Extra space for small accessories from pens to headphones Convenient extra pocket for the USB-C adapter Ultra flat magnetic locks Less is more: subtle power cable slot Serious slim style for any MacBook lifestyle. The Hampshire is tailor-made for the "Twelve" to "Sixteen" from the MacBook Pro / MacBook Air family. Thanks to the sophisticated features like the power cable slot and a special front pocket for the USB-C adapter, you never want to take your MacBook out of its sleeve again. Ultra flat magnetic locks make this laptop sleeve your favorite understated accessory.The high-quality and natural materials Merino wool felt and Italian leather round off the minimalist design and create a lot of potential for Hampshire to become your favourite MacBook cover.
Webcam cover made of leather
Wafer-thin, discreet leather patch to cover webcams Dimensions exactly match the various iPad and MacBook models Backside with special vacuum foil for best hold and residue-free removal Guaranteed holding power even with frequent use The spy in your own house you have maybe directly in front of the lens? If you're not sure, the safe-is-safe webcam cover made of thin leather is just what you need: discreet yet vehemently defending your home against unseemly glances. 007 would be proud of you, because no other gadget combines style and functional sophistication as cleverly as this patch. Matching the different iPad and MacBook models, the cover darkens the camera without disturbing the sleek look of your device. The on-off secret is the backside: a special vacuum film ensures a good grip and can be easily removed in time for the next video chat. With the webcam cover, even as a virtual meeting power user you can reliably prevent any unnecessary secret service, ex-partners or other dubious characters from becoming uninvited fence guests via webcam.