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Discover our tailor-made bundles for students, home office, and travel. The Student Bundle is ideal for academic success and includes essentials such as a premium MacBook case and a Privacy Webcam Cover. The Home Office Bundle enhances your productivity with an elegant desk pad and practical storage solutions, creating an optimal work environment. For professional mobility, our Work and Travel Bundle comes equipped with a robust laptop bag and a convenient wireless charging station, perfect for on-the-go. Choose our bundles for a perfect combination of style, functionality, and quality, ideal for any lifestyle.

Studenten Bundle

Student Bundle: Everything for academic success. Our carefully assembled Student Bundle is perfectly tailored to the needs of students. It combines style with functionality and offers everything you need for a successful academic journey. In this package, you'll find our premium MacBook case, a durable key pouch. The Privacy Webcam Cover Set for all Apple devices is, of course, a must-have. Stylish and designed to meet your campus-wide needs while looking good.

Home Office

Home Office Bundle: Your office, only better. Make the most of your home workspace with our Home Office Bundle. This set includes everything you need for a productive and organized home office. From the elegant desk pad to the practical wireless charging accessories, and stylish storage solutions for your utensils – this bundle creates an atmosphere that is both functional and aesthetically pleasing.

Work and Travel

Work and Travel Bundle: For Professional Mobility For busy professionals who are often on the move, our Work and Travel Bundle offers the ideal combination of style and functionality. This set includes a robust yet elegant laptop bag, a leather wireless charging station, and a versatile cable pouch. Whether you're working in a cafe or waiting at the airport – our products ensure that you are always well-equipped and traveling in style.