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Corriedale MacBook / Laptop / iPad Bag – Stylish Space Miracle 🌟

πŸ“ Perfect Fit – Ideal for MacBooks / Laptops up to 16" and iPads up to 12.9". Designed to effortlessly store all your accessories.

πŸ‘ Tangible Quality – Crafted from 100% finest Merino wool felt, Corriedale not only offers protection but also a premium hand feel.

πŸ›‘οΈ Double Protection – An additional felt layer ensures extra security for your valuable devices.

πŸŽ’ Expandable Storage – More space than expected, thanks to foldable side panels and a well-thought-out layout.

πŸ–ŠοΈ Organized on the Go – With an integrated Apple Pencil holder and a pen pocket, you always have everything essential at hand.

The minimalist Corriedale bag not only provides elegant protection for your MacBook or iPad Pro but also surprisingly ample space for all your accessories. Magnetic buttons and the extra layer of Merino wool felt reliably protect your device while you stay stylish and organized, whether on business trips or heading to the next meeting.

🌟 "12 out of 10 points! Convinces with durability, stylish appearance, and the use of natural materials."

🌟 "A faithful companion on trips with ample space and style. Perfect for those who travel a lot."

🌟 "The quality is top-notch, the bag still looks like new even after years. Ideal for organizing and transporting MacBook and iPad."

Opt for Corriedale for a professional appearance with practical functionality and an eco-friendly approach.

Wireless Charger Taurus – Elegance Meets Efficiency ⚑️

🌟 Fast Charging – Suitable for iPhones and other Qi-enabled devices, the Taurus Charger offers up to 7.5 W / 10 W efficient charging for your smartphone.

πŸ›‘οΈ Maximum Safety – Equipped with an integrated safety chip, Taurus protects your smartphone from overheating, overcharging, and short-circuiting.

πŸ† Elegant Design – A chic combination of 100% Merino wool felt and vegetable-tanned Italian leather adds a touch of classic elegance to any desk.

🚫 Stable and Non-Slip – The solid aluminum body and small anti-slip bumps on the bottom ensure stability on any surface.

πŸ’‘ Smart LED Indicator – A discreet LED indicator shows whether the device is correctly placed and charging.

The gentleman among charging stations: Taurus not only provides a stylish home for your smartphone but also ensures fast charging in any situation. The timeless material mix of leather and wool felt makes the Taurus charging pad an indispensable accessory for tech enthusiasts who value quality and style.

Customers say about Taurus: "As always... perfectly designed and functional. Super beautiful. TOP quality," and "Price/performance is top. Why are the cheapest chargers made of plastic almost as expensive as those made with high-quality materials? Thank you, Pack & Smooch! The charger works perfectly. iPhone 15 quickly fully charged."

Corriedale XS Cable Bag – Order and Style on the Go 🌟

πŸ‘œ Exquisite Material – Made from 100% Merino wool felt and vegetable-tanned leather, the Corriedale XS offers not only style but also sustainability.

πŸŽ’ Smart Compartments – The intelligent layout with three separate compartments keeps power adapters, mice, adapters, and USB sticks organized and within easy reach.

🌐 Compact Design – Despite its compact size, the bag offers surprisingly ample space for all your important accessories.

πŸ’Ό Flexible and Durable – Leather side panels provide flexibility and durability, making the bag the perfect companion.

Is this still a cable bag or already a clutch? The Corriedale XS ensures that you always have everything important organized and at your fingertips. Its minimalist design and high-quality materials make it an indispensable accessory for anyone who wants to bring style and order to their digital life.

Customers say:

🌟 "Outstanding quality and elegant craftsmanship that not only feels great but also looks visually stunning."

🌟 "From the look to the feel, a dream... well-thought-out, high quality, and perfect for daily use."

🌟 "Became a fan instantly! Great materials and enough space to stylishly manage everything needed for the MacBook."

Cable Bag CORRIEDALE XS made of wool felt and leather
Classic class: 100% merino wool felt and vegetable-tanned leather Nic(h)e Construction: Three separate compartments with only one piece of felt Modern miracle in space for mouse, power supply, adapter, USB sticks and accessories Flat, flexible, fantastic: leather side panels Is it still an accessory bag or is it a clutch? The small sister of the timelessly chic Corriedale laptop bag has a ladylike form, but with, man-oh-man, a lot of space! Cables, USB sticks, adapters, power supply and plug - everything simply vanishes! On the outside, nothing but the finest Merino wool felt, discreet leather grip and flat, strong magnetic buttons. The absolute β€œIt” piece for digital nomads! But even men should be taken with such a minimalist design and high-quality materials of our cable bag, after all, man also wants to bring order to his technical accessories.
MacBook / Notebook / iPad sleeve CORRIEDALE made of wool felt and leather
Ideal for laptops from 11” to 16" (including accessories) and iPad Pro / Air 13 / 12.9 Quality you can feel: Finest felt made from 100% merino wool Double safety with additional felt liner Extra extra space / Even more extra space Apple Pencil loop and Pencil compartment The minimalist bag with much, much, much, more space than you think. Corriedale makes itself as slim as all Pack & Smooch laptop bags, but casually stores a ton of accessories. There is no snug fit. Their secret: foldable side panels, as fine as the hand-crafted leather. The magnetic front snaps are sure to keep the laptop / iPad Pro at arm’s length. In addition, it scores with an extra layer of Merino wool felt, which reliably protects your device and accessories. With this laptop / iPad Pro 13" / iPad Air 13" bag you are well equipped, whether on business trips or on the way to the next meeting. Because with Corriedale you always have your workplace with you. Portfolio Notebook / MacBook / iPad Pro / Air case Corriedale wool felt and leather.
Wireless Charger TAURUS for iPhone
Double charging power: Quick charging station up to 7.5 W / 10 W iPhone + qi-enabled devices Integrated safety chip protects against overheating, overcharging and short circuit Chic duo: Proven combination of 100% merino wool felt and vegetable tanned Italian leather Stable: Solid aluminium body and small anti-slip nubs on the underside Allow the gentleman among wireless chargers to introduce itself. The Pack & Smooch version of wireless charging stations offers smartphones a wonderful place to relax and recharge its batteries. The Fast Wireless Charging Pad makes iPhones & Co. afloat again in no time, and in any ambience a good figure. This is ensured by the timelessly elegant material mix of high-quality leather and genuine merino wool felt. The LED display is as discreet as it is sophisticated: It indicates whether the smartphone is correctly positioned and charging. Non-slip and with overheating protection, Taurus is waiting to be used on your iPhone.Important for sustainability and proper waste separation: Electrical and electronic devices (EEE) contain materials and substances that can have harmful effects on human health and the environment. Therefore, this EEE product should not be disposed of as household waste, but must be collected separately. For information on authorized collection points in your area, please contact your local city or municipality.