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Unpacked is also possible: Stückgut Hamburg

As experts for sleek packaging and storage, we know how important the quality and appearance of bags, sleeves and holders is. We also know just how precious our raw materials are. They have an intrinsic value in their own right. And likewise, the Pack & Smooch products they produce also protect high-quality technical equipment, making them conveniently portable. Our designs are a benchmark for timeless durability.

What stands out all the more in the supermarket, surrounded by all the senseless packaging that we simply throw away when we get home, is the precious materials and energy that are used to produce it all. As such, we would like to introduce you to a new local innovation, which is helping counteract this waste: The packaging-free store “Stückgut Hamburg” – as a tip for all those living on the Alster, and as a challenge for all to seek out and encourage similar projects in your neighbourhoods.

Stückgut sets the trend: Waste Reduction

In January, “Stückgut” opened in the Ottensen district of Hamburg, as one of only two shops in the city which sell all their food products without packaging. The other is "Bio.lose" and can be found in the Eimsbüttel district. Both shops are setting a trend that we want to see more and more in everyday life: reducing waste - at (almost) any price. In Germany alone, there are now roughly forty of these stores.

Packaging waste 2014

According to the latest figures from the Federal Environmental Agency, Germans produced 17.8 million tonnes of packaging waste in 2014 alone - more than ever before. In a European comparison, Germany is one of the leading producers of waste. In 2014, as reported by the Federal Statistics Bureau, the average citizen threw away 79 kilograms of packaging waste. In Mecklenburg-Vorpommern, the average was as high as 102 kilograms per person, with Hamburg coming in at 59 kilograms.

Regional products guarantee short transport

The concept of “Stückgut” is simple: customers bring their own containers and fill them as needed. The products are offered in bulk bins or dispensers. If you are short a container or two, glasses, bottles or linen bags can be purchased in-store. Goods are predominantly regional in an effort to reduce long transport distances. Ensuring the elimination of waste in delivery requires direct contact to the producers and suppliers.

The creators of “Stückgut Hamburg” welcome innovation. They participate in constant and open exchange with their competitors and as a result, a functioning network has formed among the business founders. The “Stückgut” initiators are planning several interesting promotions, such as partnerships with Hamburg Repair cafés, lectures, readings or film screenings. The shop is intended to be a place of open discussion and exchange. Insider tip: In the café next door, the most secret ingredient is love!

Stückgut Hamburg

Am Felde 91
22765 Hamburg
Phone: 0 40/36 91 59 61
E-Mail: info@stueckgut-hamburg.de

Website: https://www.stueckgut-hamburg.de/

Hours of Operation
Mo - Fr: 9:30 – 19:00
Sa: 9:30 – 16:00

Osterstraße 81,
20259 Hamburg

Phone: 040 - 40 19 57 00
E-Mail: info@biolose.de

Website: https://www.biolose.de

Hours of Operation
Mo - Fr: 7:00 - 20:00
Sa: 8:00 - 18:00