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Pack & Smooch and Sapper Products Launch Kickstarter Project

Successfully found with Kickstarter: "TabStrap" - a simply smart leather iPad holder with wrist strap

Simply send an e-mail or make a booking. Thanks to smartphones and tablets, we nimbly perform these tasks in the subway or on a park bench. But lo and behold, the process is spontaneously delayed. Then we long for a quick return to the days when Internet access had us tied us to our desks, with a fixed screen in front of our noses and a comfortable keyboard at our fingertips.

Pack & Smooch now wants to give iPad users that desktop feeling all day long. Together with Jan Sapper, inventor of PaperLike, we are planning a new project to make handling your mobile devices a snap. TabStrap, a clever holder for all iPad models and some other tablets. With the help of a recently launched Kickstarter campaign, we wanted to make it market-ready. After only three hours, we had reached the first financing goal of 2,000 euros!

Special Vacuum Coating Guarantees Secure Hold and Flexibility


In typical Pack & Smooch fashion, the TabStrap combines quality, design, comfort and practicality at the highest level. The wrist strap is composed of pure merino wool felt, the back of vegetable tanned natural leather. Thanks to a special vacuum coating, the TabStrap adheres securely to the iPad - and can be removed without leaving behind any residue. With the holder, the iPad not only sits securely in your hand, but can also be placed or laid on any surface.

Our new invention is perfect for any recreational situation where we use our iPad. The TabStrap positions itself effortlessly, stable and comfortable - whether on the sofa, while cooking on the kitchen counter or on the seat in front of you during your train. Our new tool is also fully functional in everyday office life - together with the Apple Pencil and external equipment such as the keyboard, the iPad makes it a true jack of all trades. For your convenience, we have integrated a pen holder into the TabStrap.

Driving Hamburg Innovation with a Wealth of Crowdfunding Experience

Jan Sapper was so taken with the idea and design of our new tool that he took over the management for the Kickstarter campaign. The Hamburg-based developer has already gained a wealth of crowdfunding experience through various tech products, including the three-million-euro campaign of his former employer, Protonet. With the TabStrap, he will now drive another Hamburg innovation. And like all Pack & Smooch products, we aim to manufacture it one hundred percent in our own workshop.