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Formidable, or simply great?

FORMIDABLE sounds a bit old-fashioned, doesn’t it? But honestly, aren’t well-thought out, functional aesthetics timeless anyway? Pack & Smooch products should look great AND be useful. We hope this never goes out of fashion.

Key Case Pack & Smooch

So a snap fastener has to hold. And it has to look good. And it can’t fray or tear. The leather has to nestle against it, as if the two never want to be apart. But the whole construction has to come apart again, without any bells or whistles, simply a quiet click. Oh snap! What doesn’t it have to do? Don’t worry, it doesn’t HAVE to do anything. It WANTS to..

Mobile phone case Pack & Smooch

Yes, you can poke and prod us about how we came up with the idea of the holes (we’ll never tell). And how the holes got there (a tailor-made punch). And what you might find in the holes (ding!). What is important is, that we have thought of everything, right?

Wool felt Pack & Smooch

Inner pockets are like shoes, you can never have enough. Ladies? Need we say more, except that we thought of it even though we are men. You are welcome. ;-)