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FAQ - Your most frequently asked questions

Production and materials

Where do you get your wool felt from?

Our mulsing-free* wool felt is specially produced for us in Germany according to our quality standards and colour specifications from the finest 100% merino sheep's wool to a particularly dense wool felt especially for us.

Where does your leather come from?

We only use pure vegetable tanned natural leather. We do not use chrome tanned leather (out of conviction and love for nature)! We use different leathers depending on the product and requirements: 90% of our leather comes from a small family business in Italy, Tuscany. He is a member and founding member of “CONSORZIO VERA PELLE ITALIANA CONCIATA AL VEGETALE“. This consortium has very high standards in terms of environmental standards and tanning processes. Another leather supplier is Ecopell from Bavaria. No other leather producer in Germany attaches so much importance to pure natural leather and environmentally friendly tanning. Another leather supplier comes from Spain, Barcelona. This leather is also vegetable tanned.

What does vegetable tanned leather mean?

Vegetable tanned leather or vegetable tanned leather is the term for a tanning process (making the leather durable) in which vegetable substances such as oak and spruce bark, acacia, chestnuts but also olive blossoms and e.g. rhubarb roots are used. In this process of “conservation“ plant tanning agents are used. The active ingredients of this tanning process are the tannins contained in the plants.

What is the difference between felt and wool felt?

In general, felt is understood to mean many individual fibres which intertwine to form a fibrous material. Mechanical processing (milling) creates a firm bond. Felt is therefore a non-woven textile. A “felt“ can also consist of pure plastic fibres. Wool felt, on the other hand, is a felt made of sheep's wool. The percentage indicates how much sheep's wool is contained. We only use pure wool felt (100% virgin wool from Merino sheep).

Do you manufacture in Germany?

Yes, all our products are manufactured exclusively in Germany*. The majority of our products are manufactured directly in our own factory in Hamburg. When selecting our partners in Germany, we always pay attention to compliance with all standards. In most cases, these are family-run companies that also have high demands on themselves here in Germany. *The only exception is our Chester iPhone Case (iPhone Backcover). These cases are manufactured in the Far East due to a lack of production facilities in Germany.

MacBook Air dimensions

We are often asked about the exact MacBook Air and MacBook Pro dimensions. All necessary sizes for our Hampshire sleeves are listed under "Dimensions" on the product page. The MacBook Air dimensions can be found, just like the MacBook Pro dimensions, on the Apple website under "Tech Specs".

How do you deliver internationaly?

We ship by airmail using the Registered Mail method. Our carrier the Deutsche Post will transport it to your country then handover it to your local postal service. What is the local postal service? For the US it is USPS, Great Britain is using the Royal Mail service, for France it is Laposte and the Nordic countries are using the PostNord service, as an example. Every country in the world has a local postal service.

How long does the Registered Mail piece need to arrive?

We need around 5-8 business days to deliver within Europe and USA. Shippings to Canada will take a few additional days more. Shipping to Asia will take around 10-14 business days. We just charge €5,90 shipping world wide. Need more details?

Do I receive a tracking id?

Yes of course! Every order that leaves Pack & Smooch is trackable. We send a shipping confirmation message on the day of shipment. You can login by anytime and check the tracking id by yourself. Login here.