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Carry-All bag

  • Notes

    - Inner compartment for tablet, iPhone and keyholder
    - 100 % material of natural origin
    - Handcrafted "Made in Germany"

    Our Tote and Shopping Bag is made of pure merino wool felt and vegetable tanned leather and called York. The felt is lightweight but sturdy enough and visible "different" through its edgy, but also smooth and soft design unlike a classic shopping bag. An interior pocket, divided into three areas, comfortably accommodate not only your iPhone or keyholder such as Kingsley, we naturally thought of a tablet compartment too. The bag York consists of only environmentally sustainable materials. Ideal for an extended shopping day with your best friend also for work or university.

  • Material

    - Finest Merino wool felt
    - 100% vegetable tanned leather

    Our Carry-All bag consists of only environmentally sustainable materials. Our wool felt has a unit mass of 900g/m² and with a thickness of 3 mm it provides an excellent thickness. We use this wool felt, because it convinces by its feel, it is water repellent and has anti-static and simply the best of its quality. While the material offers aesthetically strength it is also soft to the touch. (no chrome tanning).

    Original Bavarian cattle hide is the basic material for our natural leather from which we have made ​​the leather strap.The leather is tanned with vegetable material, this is more expensive and takes more time to made, but is also much less stressful for people and the environment. Only natural tanning substances such as bark or rhubarb are used. Our natural leather is a changing material that also darkens a bit over the years. Through the use of the leather it gets its distinctive charm and patina. Our Bavarian leather is one of the finest available on the market.

  • Dimensions

    Dimensions: 15 inch x 12.6 inch x 16.3 inch
    Leather handles: 33 inch
    Felt/leather: anthracite/dark brown

  • Care instructions

    Our Carry-All York is easy to clean and care for. If the wool felt becomes slightly soiled, the product can be carefully cleaned with a damp cloth. Heavier soiling can be treated with a mild soap solution and dried with a soft cloth. Small scratches in the leather can usually be gently rubbed out with a damp cloth. Larger scratches can be removed with a little bit of leather wax applied with a soft cloth.



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