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card holder and wallet

  • Notes

    - 100% Merino wool felt
    - Pure vegetable tanned leather
    - Two compartments for up to 8 credit cards
    - One compartement for paper money or business cards.

    Keswick is a simple yet stylish wallet and card holder for your bankcards and some paper money. It holds up to 8 credit cards and some business cards.
    There also is a very useful inner pocket for your paper money. We have placed the seam in an asynchronous manner so you can easily access the inner pocket.
    Keswick is made from high quality material like 100% Merino wool felt and pure vegetable tanned leather from south Germany.

  • Material

    - 100% Merino wool felt
    - 100% vegetable tanned natural leather

    For our products we exclusively use high-quality materials that are of purely natural origin. Our raw wool comes from the Australian Merino sheep. In Germany, it is processed using a traditional technique to make an especially thick wool felt. In addition to its pleasant look and feel, our wool felt has excellent natural water-repellent and antistatic properties. Our natural leather comes from Bavarian cattle and it is dyed with vegetable-based tanning in a complex process. Over the years, the effects of light and handling will cause the leather to change slightly in appearance but this will give the exclusive leather product a sense of charm and vitality. Because of the feel and smell of our natural leather products they are recognized as being among the best in quality available.

  • Dimensions

    Dimensions: 3.23 x 4.33 inch (82 x 110 mm) 
    Felt/Leather: Grey/light brown

  • Care instructions

    Our products are easy to clean and care for. If the wool felt becomes slightly soiled, the product can be carefully cleaned with a damp cloth. Heavier soiling can be treated with a mild soap solution and dried with a soft cloth. Small scratches in the leather can usually be gently rubbed out with a damp cloth. Larger scratches can be removed with a little bit of leather wax applied with a soft cloth.



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