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Camera Strap

  • Notes

    A masterpiece of design. This ultra light camera strap combines quality with function. Most camera belts are complicated to install and and doesn´t work with all camera systems. We have developed one clever quick fastener which allows you to add or change your camera strap in only seconds. Holds up to 2 kg. You can use this camera strap with or without this quick fastener!

  • Material

    -100% Finest nappa leather vegetable tanned in Germany
    -Natural rubber padding for a high waring comfort
    -Ergonomically designed to have a perfect hold on neck or shoulder
    -Quick fastener to easily take of or change the camera strap (you can buy more connectors seperately)
    - Sturdy belts made from PP (Polyppropylen) material

    For our products we exclusively use high-quality materials that are of purely natural origin. Our natural Nappa-Leather comes from Bavarian cattle and it is dyed with vegetable-based tanning in a complex process in Germany. Over the years, the effects of light and handling will cause the leather to change slightly in appearance but this will give the exclusive leather product a sense of charm and vitality. Because of the feel and smell of our natural leather products they are recognized as being among the best in quality available.

  • Dimensions

    Leather: Dark brown

  • Care instructions

    Our products are easy to clean and care for. Small scratches in the leather can usually be gently rubbed out with a damp cloth. Larger scratches can be removed with a little bit of leather wax applied with a soft cloth.



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